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A childhood raised on movies made by the production company

Amblin Entertainment founded by Steven Spielberg, Mathieu fantasizes about becoming one of the Goonies and dreams of adventure across the world.



The release of Jurassic Park hits him like a bulldozer and he has a revelation.  Mathieu now knows exactly the path he wants to take.  He is going to make movies that inspire audiences and transport them to other worlds just as

Steven Spielberg has done with him. 



His adolescence is spent binging on 1980s fantasy movies thus sparking his interest in special effects and set dressing.  The desire to answer the question “how did they do that?” is a constant nag.  Meanwhile Mathieu develops and ever-growing love for the sciences particularly astrophysics, geology and biology.



After completing a French scientific baccalauréat and studying at the prestigious Beaux Arts school, he enters an experimental phase searching for his artistic identity. During an extremely intense period of two years, he wears a variety of hats from producer to sound engineer to bassist for two musical groups (jazz and funk) and tours and performs over forty dates a year.

Serving as Creator and Artistic Director for several large-scale collective exhibitions, he is scouted by the Director of Scène Vosges. He goes on to create a partnership with them and takes on the role of welcoming artists, musicians and theater troupes from around the world. 

He also has the opportunity to collaborate with Cirque Plume and for two years in a row organizes their outdoor multidisciplinary festival Manifest’Arts.

His last associative adventure involves the creation of a publishing house specialized in traditional techniques of reprography (silkscreen printing, analog photography, engraving).  It has since become a company that works with major names around the world.



After buying a couple of make-up brushes, some fake blood and silicone he grabs his backpack and travels throughout France to make movies.  With his hands-on approach he learns the ins and outs of the industry while working on over forty shorts films and is ultimately rewarded when he joins the Paris based special effects studio Double FX



Mathieu leaves for Montreal and meets Adrien Morot (Oscar nominee 2011).  They begin a flourishing collaborative relationship.  Evolving within Morot Studio he has the opportunity to work with several visionary directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Denis Villeneuve and more recently alongside Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu on "The Revenant".  



Mathieu perfects his ultra-realistic silicone painting and make-up techniques during a quick stint in the talented make-up artist Pierre Olivier Persin’s workshop in Paris.



He fulfills a lifelong dream by working with the artists from Legacy Effects on

"X-Men Days of the Future Past".  20 years ago in the famous Stan Winston Studio, these same artists were responsible for creating the animatronic dinosaurs seen in Jurassic Park. 



He sets off for New Zealand and joins 4 time Oscar winner for "The Lord of the Rings" Richard Taylor’s Weta Workshop.  Working as a mold maker and specializing in ultra-realistic silicone painting, Mathieu is  notably in charge of creating mannequins for Peter Jackson’s museum.



Works with Sarah Rubano and Elka Wardega (Oscar Winner 2016) on the set of "Ghost in the Shell" in Wellington.


He goes back at Weta Workshop as a prop painter, working on the new Avatar sequel directed by James Cameron.


Mixing art, technology and sciences, he start working on a new side personal project called "Mission Dorothy 360". After a year of research and development, the module "Dorothy" count already 3 successful flights.