Collectible magic skull.

- White magic series -

1:2 Scale - Limited Edition

Cast in a very strong high grade resin and real metal powder. The skull is carved on top with an authentic Icelandic spell dating from the seventeenth century, and runes on the back allowing to cast the spell.

It is presented on a metal stand and declined in bronze, copper, oxidized bronze, iron oxyde and brass version.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity, number and signed by the artist.

Shipping worldwide in a safe package.


A power amplifier is to be inscribed on lignite and the grooves colored with blood, then placed between your breasts, and you will not suffer evil and will return home safe and sound, whether you travel by sea or land.


The stand

Laser engraved brushed steel

Dimensions : 75mm X 100mm
Weight : 275 g



Close up of a skull

Oxidized Bronze

Dimensions : 102mm X 76mm X 69mm
Weight : 450 g


1:2 Scale Limited Edition
200$ CAD + shipping


If you are interested to buy a skull, please leave a message through the contact page. I will send you the pictures of all the skulls still available.

There is five differents types of color :


- Bronze
- Oxidized Bronze
- Brass
- Copper
- Iron Oxyde



Collectible magic skull.

- Black magic series -

1:2 Scale - Limited Edition

Sculpted on Z-Brush (pictures on the right). 

The skull was printed on an Ultimaker 3 printer.

Printing time : 47 hours
Material : PLA
Precision : 60 microns


Collectible magic skull.

- Black magic series -

1:1 Scale - Limited Edition

Sculpted in Chavant medium.
(Picture on the right)

The skull was molded in platinum silicone and casted in very strong high grade resin.